Based in Zürich, Switzerland, Clare Goodwin grew up in Birmingham in the UK, studied painting at Winchester School of Art from 1993-96 and the Royal College of Art London in 1996-98. Invited by ECAV Sierre as an Artist in Residency and supported by the British Council in Bern, she moved to Switzerland in 2001 where she continues to live and work. Goodwins primary studio practice is painting. In her broader artistic practice and for exhibitions she engages with other media, from works on paper, spatial installations/large wall paintings to painted object furniture and - most recently - ceramics. The suggestion of abstract portraiture and the human spirit is a recurring topic in all her work, drawn directly from personal experiences and combining narrative possibilities with visual poetry. Goodwin toyes with unlikely intersections of architectural space, abstract shapes and textile related patterns, combining it with her fascination with people, cultural refrerences and aesthetic sampling. Approaching painting with new principles, Goodwin rebuilds formal fragments into compositional ensembles either as an entire composition on a canvas or as individual elements built from flat clay. She consistently returns to the formal strategies of the Constructivists and Concrete artists to inform her graphic painterly language. Along with her artistic practice Clare Goodwin is interested in the role of the artist as curator - curating around practice. As co-founder of K3 Project Space and StudioK3 Zürich (with Sandi Paucic) she has initiated and participated in many exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad.
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