Exhibitions 2015
Birmingham Show: Group show - Eastside Projects Birmingham
‘Birmingham Show’ is an exhibition as history and not history, connecting gaps, distances and potentials of artists who have lived, worked or studied within the city. Three key questions underpin the exhibition making – ‘What is the art of Birmingham?’ ‘Is there an accent to Birmingham’s art making?’ and ‘How is Birmingham useful for the production of art?’
Eastside Projects’ intention is not to create an authoritive survey, but to initiate conversations and to think again about our city as a place that produces and supports artists in many different ways. By displaying a set of works that wouldn’t otherwise be experienced together, we hope to make visible co-existing and overlapping objects, processes, politics, relationships and scenes emanating from Birmingham.
‘Birmingham Show’ continues a series of group exhibitions and productions within Eastside Projects that examine functions and modes of art and the construction of a public sphere. The series started with ‘This is the Gallery and the Gallery is Many Things’ in 2008, followed by ‘Sculpture Show’ and ‘Abstract Cabinet Show’ in 2009, ‘Curtain Show’ and ‘Book Show’ in 2010, ‘Narrative Show’ in 2011, ‘Painting Show’ in 2012, ‘Puppet Show’ in 2013, and ‘Trade Show’ in 2014. Each project invites new curatorial and artistic voices to effect change upon the existing conditions of Eastside Projects and aims to impact on artist practice further afield.

Mohammed Ali, Meghan Albright, Anna Barham, Nicholas Bullen, 
David Burrows, Leah Carless, Graham Fagen, William Gear, Gene-George Earle, Tom Gidley, Andrew Gillespie, Clare Goodwin, Karen Guthrie, Roger Hiorns, Richard Hughes, Sofia Hulten, Easton Hurd, Mahtab Hussain, Idris Khan, Karin Kihlberg & Reuben Henry, Claire Makhlouf Carter, Joanne Masding, Alex Gene Morrison, Lucy Orta, Kim L Pace, Keith Piper, Nigel Prince, Su Richardson, Antonio Roberts, Monica Ross, Kevin Ryan, Emma Talbot, John Walker, Keith Wilson.Curated by Ruth Claxton & Gavin Wade
Special thanks to Marlene Smith

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